Glove Box Laser Welding Packaging System

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When special components this kind of as semiconductor equipment, integrated circuits, and optoelectronic gadgets are subjected to laser welding and packaging functions, the welding resources are uncovered to the air and are specially vulnerable to oxidation under high temperature ailments, ensuing in welding flaws this sort of as porosity, slag inclusions, cracks, and lower welding power. , Main to soaring failure charges such as poor airtightness, small strength, and effects resistance of the device, specifically the effects resistance defect will bring about hurt to the machine traveling substantial Mach, causing key security incidents and property losses. At present, the domestic sector urgently requirements a The laser welding packaging product that can be applied under vacuum problems or less than distinctive ambiance security circumstances has a superior male-equipment setting and adaptable products to fulfill the needs of large-end equipment, primarily distinctive devices for substantial-pace aerospace vehicles.

Etelux offers a laser welding glove box centered on atmospheric defense. To remedy the consequences of air humidity and air impurities in laser welding, the glove box has two 90-degree sq. cabins, the remaining facet is the heating cabin, and the right side For the transitional cabin, the most temperature of the heating cabin is two hundred ℃, the heating plate can be cooled promptly at the same time, the outside the house of the square cabin doorway is a guide doorway, the inner door is an computerized doorway, the internal and outer doorways are interlocked, the glove box is controlled to be cleaned by a move meter, and can also be connected to the purification process. Its characteristics are: reduced leakage, minimal drinking water and oxygen written content in the box, steady overall devices efficiency, and legitimate and trusted drinking water and oxygen detection.